Why do you require an External Audit?

-  Avoiding the internal adjustments

-  Accuracy

-  Lack of Expertise in in-house team

-  Lack of Experienced Staff in in-house team

-  Cost

What are the needs of this Audit?

-  Inventory verification and tallying with the control

-  Findings of the shortages

-  Cash & card sale verification and reconciliation

-  Verification of the manual bill book

-  Verification of petty cash

-  Status of the required licences

-  Alertness of the staff

What are the Benefits? - Operational Perspective

-  Smooth running of the store operation

-  Check on the inventory level

-  Early find out of any leakage

-  Tallying the cash and card transactions

-  Verification of manual bill books

-  Easy access to the physical stock through system for fast customer service

What are the Benefits? - Business Perspective

-  Are you holding the enough inventory which is moving fast?

-  Are you selling the product which you have bought?

-  What is the customer profile of the store?

-  Are you holding the correct merchandise mix for the customer profile of the store?

-  Do you have an idea of the potential of the store, integrity levels of the staff and the efforts put by them?


Our Clients

Tallam Ventures, Bangalore

Anvi Lifestyle, Bangalore

Venkateswara Enterprises, Bangalore

Shine International, Bangalore

Intact Fit Pvt. Ltd - Chennai

J S Distributors, Bangalore


Smeara Enterprises, Cochin

S P Lifestyle, Coimbatore

Triangle Fashion Clothing, Coimbatore

Mustard Clothing Company Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

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