Business Perspective

·         Do you have an idea of the potential of the store?

·         Do you know the integrity levels of the staff and the efforts put by them?

·         Are you holding the enough inventory which is moving fast?

·         Are you selling the product which you have bought?

·         What is the customer profile of the store?

·         Are you holding the correct merchandise mix for the customer profile of the store?


Operational Perspective

·         Smooth running of the store operation

·         Check on the inventory level

·         Early find out of any leakage

·         Tallying the cash and card transactions

·         Verification of manual bill books

·         Easy access to the physical stock through system for fast customer service


Our Clients

  • Tallam Ventures, Bangalore

  • Anvi Lifestyle, Bangalore

  • Venkateswara Enterprises, Bangalore

  • Shine International, Bangalore

  • J S Distributors, Bangalore

    Intact Fit, Chennai


    Many more …...

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